Supporting your staff while reopening the practice


Dr. Savita Ginde is featured in Physicians Practice’s article “Supporting your staff while reopening the practice”. Here’s an excerpt from the article: From basics such as social distancing to cleaning, give them an unambiguous sense of how you will keep the office healthy. “I think engaging everyone in the process, having that process really outlined and […]

STRIDE expands COVID-19 testing to Jefferson County


Here is an excerpt of Dr. Savita Ginde from the article STRIDE expands COVID-19 testing to Jefferson County: STRIDE test results are returned in 24 to 48 hours, according to Savita Ginde, chief healthcare officer at STRIDE Community Health Center. “We have very efficiently been able to work out a good workflow,” Ginde said. Read […]

Barrier Methods of Contraception


What an honor to be a featured expert in Healthline’s article, “Top-Rated Condoms and Barrier Methods, According to Gynecologists”! Check it out for barrier method FAQs and peruse my blog to discover the best barrier method for you. 

Should I shave before going to the gynecologist?


So happy to help demystify your visit to the Gynecologist in Insiders: “6 Myths About Going to the Gynecologist”. Give it a quick read, then head on over to my blog “Should I Shave Before Going to the Gynecologist?” for more insider info. Meet Dr. Savita Ginde Dr. Savita Ginde is an advocate and thought […]

Why are my cramps so bad?


Learn to recognize the signs your cramps may be due to an underlying health issue in the article “What Causes Painful Periods”. Bustle asked for my expert opinion on the topic, which I expand upon in my blog “Why are my cramps so bad? 5 signs it’s more than period pain.” Meet Dr. Savita Ginde […]

When does birth control start working?


If you’ve ever wondered how long it takes your birth control to start working, check out my contributions to Popsugar’s article covering the topic. And if you still want to know more, I delve a bit deeper in my blog, “When Does Birth Control Start Working?” Meet Dr. Savita Ginde Dr. Savita Ginde is an […]

6 Women’s Health Secrets


Bustle recently interviewed me for their article on little-known women’s health facts. Give it a read to brush up on all things OB/GYN and check out my blog for even more hidden female facts.  Meet Dr. Savita Ginde Dr. Savita Ginde is an advocate and thought leader for reproductive health and served as Chief Medical […]

Hormones and Anxiety


Hormones and anxiety go hand in hand. That’s why I lent my opinion to Bustle’s article “How Hormones Affect Anxiety and Vice Versa”. You’ll see how anxiety impacts your mind as well as your body. Plus, give my blog on the topic a read to discover what you can do to minimize anxiety and its […]

How does emergency contraception work?


My recent interview with Bustle on emergency contraception revealed 9 interesting facts you should know and inspired me to write a blog of my own: “How Does Emergency Contraception Work?” Give it a read, because knowledge is power. Meet Dr. Savita Ginde Dr. Savita Ginde is an advocate and thought leader for reproductive health and […]

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Savita Ginde TEDx talk viewing party and wine tasting

Join author + reproductive health advocate, Dr. Savita Ginde for a wine tasting and screening of her TEDx to discuss repro rights + privacy. Author and thought leader, Dr. Savita Ginde will be hosting a screening of her recent TEDx talk that centers around her new book, The Real Cost of Fake News: The Hidden […]