As vaccines slowly become available to more people, the question of whether this means we’re free to engage in activities on a pre-COVID level continues to arise. To help you understand the vaccines and the kind of precautions to take before and after being vaccinated, Dr. Savita Ginde shared insight into this subject in an interview with Forbes.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Savita Ginde, MD, chief healthcare officer with Stride Community Health Center said that getting both doses of the vaccine should prepare a recipient’s body for fighting off the infection if exposed to Covid-19. But she added that it’s still not completely safe to visit until everyone involved in those visits is vaccinated.

“It’s important that each member of the family complete the vaccination series and, preferably, be at least 10 days past their second COVID vaccine,” she explained. This is because immunity is not immediately achieved, even after the second dose.

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