The holidays were a confusing time for many families, as they tried to navigate the task of staying safe while spending time with loved ones. In an interview with Denver Life Magazine, Dr. Ginde shared three socially distanced ways to enjoy your holiday dinner. Here’s an excerpt:

DR. SAVITA GINDE, the Chief Healthcare Officer with Stride Community Health Center which operates 16 health clinic locations across Denver. Dr. Ginde has been leading pertinent initiatives through the pandemic, providing drive-thru COVID-19 testing and outpatient care for positive cases. She shares her advice on how to host a safe, socially distanced holiday dinner.

1. What are your tips for throwing a successful dinner party this year?

“If you want to entertain a large group of people, consider breaking them up and having small groups of people come over to spend time in shifts. This option would give you time to sanitize between visits. A second option could be to keep families together at tables and give them smaller bowls and plates of food from which they can serve themselves. If you can manage any portion of your evening with time outside, that’s even better.”

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Published by: Denver Life Magazine | Written by: Kerrie Lee Brown