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In KDVR FOX31 Morning Show: Now is the best time to get those mammograms

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 It’s finally Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means now is the best time to schedule a mammogram appointment if you haven’t done so this year — especially if you missed screenings last year. Not only are there many free or reduced rate offerings for mammograms throughout this month, but you also get to know […]

In Shape: Metastatic Breast Cancer Is On the Rise In Younger Women — Here’s Everything You Need to Know


For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, well-known publication Shape Magazine invited me to speak about metastatic breast cancer, which is the most advanced stage of cancer. Check out the article to learn more about this kind of breast cancer, including how rates have increased among women under 40. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: The bottom […]

In Weight Watchers: Why Am I So tired? 8 Reasons You Might Be Tired


Are you tired all the time? You’re not alone. If it’s something you’ve accepted about yourself, Dr. Savita Ginde may be able to help! In a Weight Watchers article about fatigue, she shares why you feel so lethargic, plus tips about how to restore your energy and support this aspect of your health. Here’s an […]

In Let’s Get Checked: What Happens When You Leave an STD Unchecked?


You know about STDs and STIs, but have you ever thought about how they can affect your body when you’re infected and you don’t go to the doctor to receive care? Let’s Get Checked invited Dr. Savita Ginde to share insight into this important question in a recent article. Check out this excerpt from the […]

In Forbes: Congratulations On Your Vaccination! (You Can’t Return To Normal Just Yet)

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As vaccines slowly become available to more people, the question of whether this means we’re free to engage in activities on a pre-COVID level continues to arise. To help you understand the vaccines and the kind of precautions to take before and after being vaccinated, Dr. Savita Ginde shared insight into this subject in an […]

In Denver Life Magazine: Three Questions With Dr. Savita Ginde


The holidays were a confusing time for many families, as they tried to navigate the task of staying safe while spending time with loved ones. In an interview with Denver Life Magazine, Dr. Ginde shared three socially distanced ways to enjoy your holiday dinner. Here’s an excerpt: DR. SAVITA GINDE, the Chief Healthcare Officer with Stride […]

On 9 Mistakes That Make Hand Sanitizer Less Likely to Kill Germs


Because of COVID-19, hand sanitizer has become an incredibly essential household item. However, these heightened discussions about hand-washing and sanitizing to reduce the risk of infection have highlighted how many mistakes people make when using hand sanitizer that dilutes its effectiveness. To dive into the subject, Dr. Ginde participated in an interview with If […]

In The Checkup by SingleCare: 7 Medical Tests You Need When You Turn 30

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Dr. Savita Ginde was recently featured in an article by The Checkup by SingleCare — to discuss which medical tests to take before you turn 30, she expanded on the importance of pelvic exams and screenings for sexually transmitted diseases. Here’s an excerpt: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all sexually active individuals between […]

On FOX31 Denver: Tips on How to Remind Your Kids to Help Prevent the Spread of Covid-19


With kids headed back to school what are some key tips to keep them as safe as possible from contracting COVID-19? Dr. Savita Ginde, Chief Healthcare Officer at STRIDE Community Health Center shares some helpful ways to keep kids healthy this school year. Watch the video Meet Dr. Savita Ginde Dr. Savita Ginde is an advocate and […]

In Verywell Health: Sharp Decline in Immunization Rates Warrants Cause for Concern


Verywell Health magazine recently published “Sharp Decline in Immunization Rates Warrants Cause for Concern” and interviewed Dr. Savita Ginde on this important topic. In May 2020, a CDC report revealed a troubling drop in immunization rates for children, largely due to parental concerns about bringing their children into healthcare facilities during COVID-19. While these concerns […]