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New Year, New Strategies: Balance (and Maintain) Health and Life Goals

Woman In White Sweater Writing Text 2022 Goals In Open Notepad On The Table.

Happy New Year!  We’ve transitioned to another year, and I hope you’ve taken some time to both reflect on and commend yourself for everything you endured and worked hard for in 2021.  I certainly have, and I won’t stop here. To keep myself focused on my New Year’s (and beyond) resolutions, I’ll continue to reflect […]

Use the ‘Great Resignation’ to Change Your Relationship with Work

Young Woman With Note Help On Forehead At Workplace. Space For T

When American society paused (or attempted to pause), the work-from-home (WFH) phenomenon acted like a stopgap for a leaking dam. With a severe health crisis mercilessly ravaging the globe, millions of us were forced to find safety in our homes. To keep businesses afloat amid the resulting economic collapse, many eligible employers relied on WFH […]

End of the Year Reflection: Finding Balance to End and Begin Again

Calm Serene African American Woman Meditating At Outdoor Group Yoga Class.

After a harrowing 2020, most of us approached 2021 with the mindset that our circumstances would be better or, at least, different — whether we anticipated new career transitions, living arrangements, perspective, workout regimes, or simply less anxiety about our seemingly crumbling society. Now, 2021 has come and is nearly gone. As we face the […]